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Technics MKII Cartridge


Capsula Technics MKII


Ortofon capsule concorde djs single


MAXIMUM POWER: 7.35KW / 10CP, ENGINE 4 MOTORS, CYLINDRICAL CAPACITY: 418CCM, CYLINDER NUMBERS: 1, LEVEL LEVEL: LWA 96DB, TANK CAPACITY: 16L, Weight: 185 KG, VOLTAGE STABILIZER (AVR) – YES. Portable type, Diesel fuel type, Current type Single phase, Start type automatic, Case structure not damaged, Protection voltage stability system. Engine type 4-stroke, Cylinder capacity 302 cm³, Power 10 hp, Socket number 2, Number of terminals 1, Number of plugs 1, Noise level 96 dB, Tank capacity 16 l


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