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Sound rental products

We provide top quality products for rent. We have audio, video and lighting systems.
In addition, we provide support for clients from Ibiza and Barcelona.

Mixing tables

Now you can save on the purchase of a mixer for your event. With us renting sound also includes the possibility of renting a mixer. We have both analog and digital types. We have the best in the market, such as the Pioneer mixing console. You will find a wide range of possibilities, from 4-channel to 32-channel mixers.

Audio players

If you want an ideal solution for disc jockeys, a high-fidelity audio player is best. We have a top quality Technics disc turner. Thanks to its design, it is perfect for locating pushbuttons and sound tracks. It is perfect for night use, parties, weddings or any other private celebration in Ibiza or Barcelona.


We provide high quality professional loudspeaker rental for events of all sizes in Barcelona and Ibiza with a wide range of the best quality speakers on the market. We have active loudspeakers, passive loudspeakers, subwoofers, monitors, etc. Not sure which speaker rental is right for your meeting or event?


The power amplifiers allow you to amplify the sound, guaranteeing the best quality. Our technicians can advise you on the specific needs for your event. In Alquilar Sonido we have analog power amplifiers and digital power amplifiers. What do you need? Discover our high-end products!

Lights & video

We have all seen the added value that a good spotlight can bring to a party. Lighting can totally change the feeling of the attendees in a room, including the impact of words and decor. Add video and lighting to your event! At corporate events you can make a difference.

Sound, lights and video accessories for rent


We often find that our clients want multiple sound and video products for their event. In many cases, this leads to the need for some add-ons to meet the technical needs of the equipment. Sound accessories range from the most basic to the most advanced.


Many times, brides and grooms organizing their wedding or companies that want to create the most motivational corporate event, ask us to add complements to their order. Karaoke can add that perfect touch of fun to your private event and we have the products, accessories and expertise you need.

DJ Service

At a party or a wedding, music can be decisive for a successful celebration. The problem is that it is often not easy to find the right DJ service. How to find a good Disc-Jockey for your event? We help you! Imagine having to decide which DJ you hire, which speakers are the best for your venue….

Singer and groups

Just like you, we want your event to be perfect. Therefore, we have not neglected any aspect. We often find that many organizers also request a singer or band service. Looking for a professional singer to liven up your event? At weddings, parties and even corporate conventions.

Event Venues

Catering furniture

Events & Weddings

Sale and installation of sound and lighting for hotels, restaurants and bars.

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