Projector Screen Rentals in Barcelona and ibiza

Video Projection Screens in Ibiza and Barcelona

Video screen automatic


Dimension 2.60×2.50m without support. Elevator tower with support €20.

alquiler de accesorios audiovisuales en ibiza


Dimension 1.20×1.00m with support included


Plug & play wireless connection at 2.4 GHz – Provides secure and reliable performance through a compact USB receiver, offering freedom and mobility during presentations. Red laser pointer – Capture audience attention with the simple touch of a button, and a bright red laser will effectively highlight any part of the presentation. Cursor control joystick – Offers full control of the device, allowing you to use the presenter as a mouse, moving the cursor both vertically and horizontally on the screen. Compatible with Windows and macOS – Take full control of your PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides presentations. 45 meters of range – Walk around the room with maximum freedom, knowing that the receiver will remain connected during the presentation, even when you are far from the host device. Internal compartment for the receiver – A convenient place to store the wireless USB receiver, ensuring it is not lost, as each presenter and receiver are optimally paired to avoid interference.


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