Laser Pure Diode 12.000W RGB


Pure diode solution (“Pure Diode”). Excellent beam characteristics and a very beautiful analog color modulation. It can be controlled via ILDA. Onboard memory with preset patterns that can be easily called up via DMX. More than 2600 mW red at a wavelength of 638 nm. Newly developed integrated green diodes with a wavelength of 520 nm (> 2900 mW). Blue diode with more than 5,500 mW with 450 nm. These laser projectors with 3mm / 1.3mrad (full angle) have excellent beam properties and a very fast scan with up to 40kpps at 4°. A switchable Scan Fail Safety is integrated. Typical total power: 12,000 mW. Minimum power: 12,000 mW. Red power: > 2,600 mW / 638 nm. Green power: > 2,900 mW / 520 nm. Blue power: > 5,500 mW / 450 nm. Beam parameters (full angle): approx. 3mm / 1.3 mrad. Laser sources: diode. Laser class: 4. Operating modes: ILDA, DMX, automatic mode, music mode. Scanner: 40kpps at 4°. Max scan angle: 40°. Basic patterns: approx. 50 (levels, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.). Power supply: 85 V – 250 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz. Power consumption: 120 W. Dimensions: 270 x 150 x 133 mm. Weight: 11kg

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