Visual Accessories

Wireless receiver/transmitter Quick DMX

€5 – 30

Control up to 12 fixtures with up to 16 DMX channels (192 DMX channels). Very simple handling, ideal for beginners in Scanners and moving heads programming. Format 19″, 3U. 30 banks with 8 freely programmable scenes. 240 programmable images. 6 Chase programs with up to 240 scenes. DMX adjustments by 8 faders with bank selection. Fader controllable scene speed. Music operation with integrated microphone. Fade -Time settings without phases (0-30 seconds). Master Blackout. Weight: 2.3kg. Measurement: 19″ / 3U, depth 65mm. Measurement with frame: 53 x 19 x 9.2 cm


Led Screen Support / Monitors / TV Stand Wheels for Television 32 43 50 55 65 75 80 Inches – TV Television Stands Tilting Foot – TV Stand Floor Height Adjustable Mobile | MAX Vesa 600x400mm 50KG


HDMI Splitter – Led Screen/ Monitors/ TV – 1 Input and 8 Outputs supports up to 4K


HDMI Splitter – Led Screen/ Monitors/ TV – 1 Input and 4 Outputs supports up to 4K


HDMI Cable – For Led Screen/ Monitors/ TV – 50m

accesorios de audio para dj en barcelona

€120 – 180

Mobile DJ lights stand truss

€50 / 25m

Outdoor string lights

€10 / 3x3mm

Curtain LED Lights Interior and Exterior

3×3 meter LED Light Curtain with 300 LEDs, available for rent. This captivating string of lights in warm white offers an exceptional lighting experience both indoors and outdoors.

With the flexibility of being powered via USB or batteries, our light curtain gives you convenient options to suit your needs. Perfect for transforming any space into a magical and welcoming environment, this curtain light is ideal for a variety of occasions, from intimate gatherings to vibrant parties.

Explore 8 different lighting modes that will allow you to customize the atmosphere according to the occasion. From creative combinations to playful sparkles, our curtain lights give you a wide range of options to add a touch of luminous charm to your events.

In addition to its aesthetic design, this light curtain is designed with a waterproof level that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This means that you can bring magic to your garden, terrace or porch without worrying about the weather conditions.

Trust in the quality of our LED lights and their ability to create an unforgettable atmosphere at your events. Whether you’re planning a cozy gathering or a dazzling party, our LED Curtain Lights are ready to transform your space into a bright and welcoming nook.


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