If you are looking for a suitable solution for disc-jockeys, the best choice is a high fidelity audio player.We have Technics, a high-quality turntable, and the CDJ 2000 Nexus Pioneer audio player.

These are excellent solutions, and you can rent premium sound systems and have the best equipment around without making a hole in your pocket. Our technicians will be responsible for installing all the equipment and make sure it works perfectly. Also, if you are looking for a good DJ, our DJ services are at your disposal.

TurnTables Technics SL1210 MK2

The SL-1210 MK2 is a turntable with direct drive and quartz synthesizer. Continuous and perfect speed adjustment up to -8% / + 8%. An arm of very low mass and high sensitivity with cardanic suspension. A robust and durable dish. A great and effective absorption of unwanted vibrations. Continuous Pitch control with + -8% adjustment. Fluctuation and tremolo: 0.01%. Thick rubber base to absorb unwanted vibrations
Noise level: – 78 dbs. Motor with high starting torque (1.5 kg-cm) for quick start-up. Arm of low mass and high sensitivity with cardanic suspension. Horizontal adjustment to avoid needle jumps. 33 – 45 rpm. Color: black SL-1210MK2. Weight: 12 Kg. Size: 453 (W) x 172 (W) x 360 (W) mm.

€50 – Rent Now

CdPlayers CDJ2000Nexus Pioneer

DJ player, compatible with mobile devices via USB or Wi-Fi. Beat Sync for perfect mixes. High quality Master Tempo that keeps the sound almost like the original. Wave zoom for more detailed information. Evolved functions to give a breath of fresh air to the sessions: Slip Mode. Quantize improved. Active Loop (Active Loop). Hot Cue load. Emergency Loop. Last track played. Rating on the go. Track information. Improved to mix in a pispás. Beat Countdown. Phase Meter. Key Analysis Indicator. Clear screen and improved browser. My function Settings to quickly access personal preferences.

€75 – Rent Now

Cd Player Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus 2

€100 – Rent Now


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